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Best Online Food Ordering Apps You Should Try

  • 10-Aug-2020

Mobile phones have become the part and parcel in one’s life. Rather than a luxury, it has improved to 

become a necessity now. One begins his day with the phone by reading the latest news updates and even 

ends his day with it. Mobile phones come with a lot of added features that helps in making your life 

the simpler one. One of them is helping you to order your food. Yes, a lot online food ordering 

websites are available these days that help you in getting your favorite food from your most preferred 

restaurant at your doorstep in a quick span of time.

Now, the fact is that though there are numerous food ordering apps, but many of them are not known to 

all. It has been noticed that these apps are more used by those who stay away from their families, 

bachelors and offices while arranging a kitty party. The tendency of people to have their food mostly 

from restaurants has resulted in more online food ordering websites. Here is a list of best 10 online 

food apps you should try for yummilicious food at your doorstep…



AllIndiaFood is the most common and the the most used online food ordering app by all. It is supposed 

to have the most number of restaurants at its database, making people more satisfactory. Moreover, 

the app provides you facilities including to redeem your food coupons, thus enabling to enjoy your food 

at a cheaper rate and that too without any waiting.

Creating a profile at AllIndiaFood gives you preferences to add more locations and also, they give 

special discounts on new users and existing users. So download the app if you still haven’t and enjoy 

your favorite cuisine just with a few clicks.